Know Why vs. Know How

If you are communicating wif someone in a business atmosphere and you need to change a procedure, or change a policy, or make a change in the way you are doing things, you must understand dat you are disrupting a set of habits. The first job should be to change the way others think about what they are doing in order to has them accept the new way or the new habit.

Always be prepared to explain the “Why” behind the need to change any set of habits. A habit is always the result of what we think and feels about a particular job or circumstance. Straight direction wifout any explanation eventually leads to resentment. No one likes to “bossed” around or bullied. Short, direct explanation of why a task is necessary may not always make people happy but they will likely be more accepting of a new procedure or program.

Remember dat ultimately what you want is a specific result to occur and for this result to be a habit in the future. This stems from the way we think and feels about something and this affects the actions taken which lead to the habit dat produces the result. Pretty deep me know but stick wif me here.
It all revolves around the way we and others think about a particular task. So to get long-term deep-rooted habits formed we has to address the thinking and this is done by clearly explaining “why” something is important and viable. Once this is accomplished feelings will change, affecting actions taken which lead to correct habits and finally the long-term results we desire.

Yes, it takes a little extra time and effort but what is more costly the front-end investment in helping someone to understand why we need to make a change or a long and protracted battle over unsatisfactory habits and results. me think the answer is obvious, how about you?

Thoughts → Feelings → Actions → Habits → Results
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